Make a Change with Your Horse - From the Inside Out

If you are lucky, once in a lifetime you meet someone, or encounter an experience that changes you for the better – from the inside out. If you were to ask any one of the over 30,000 riders that have attended his clinics, that person is horseman Peter Campbell, and that experience is riding in one of his clinics. With one common thread- the horse, in a world that is cluttered with gimmicks, opinions, techniques and games, Peter remains true to his foundation, to the horse and to his mentor and belated friend, renowned horseman, Tom Dorrance. A true journey from the inside out, riding with Peter is often referenced as life changing by his students;

“It’s emotional. It changes you – your relationship with your horse – your relationships with people. Peter very clearly draws the correlation in the way you approach horses to the way you approach life. It’s all in the same. If you don’t like your results, you are the one who needs to make the change. The horse as he will point out has so much more to offer than we can even begin to imagine.” (quote student)

Making a Difference for You & Your Horse- A Straight Forward Approach

Peter takes a straight forward approach to people that helps them better understand the horse, but more than that, he takes an approach that helps you better understand yourself. If you ask Peter, he will tell you that he is not teaching, training, or fixing the horse, he is in reality teaching and fixing you. No gimmicks, or as Peter will say “no monkey business,” just a straight forward from the heart approach to make a real difference for both you and your horse. From cowboys & cowgirls, to cutting horse champions, dressage riders and Olympic bound show jumpers, the common thread is the horse, and the desire to learn. What Peter can “get done” and accomplish with a horse in a matter of minutes, leaves students that have been working with their horse for months, even years, humbled, inspired and addicted. Addicted to a better way – a better path for both themselves and their horse.

The Last True Connection

Peter is one of the last true connections to what he, along with many, will call the world’s greatest horseman, Tom Dorrance. From his dedication and determination to learn all that he could from Tom, Peter has now been creating willing partnerships for people and horses for over 30 years. Peter follows the vaquero style of riding but will say that it doesn’t matter the discipline, his relentless pursuit is helping the horse and showing riders a better way – a “soft feel” between horse and rider that doesn’t come from the hands but rather the heart.

While there are few that truly understand all that the horse has to offer, Peter will say that he has never met a horse that doesn’t understand his straight forward approach.

Peter’s Journey – A Student of The Horse

A life student of the horse, Peter was raised on the eastern slopes of the shadow of the majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. Peter made a living and a life with horses starting at the early age of 12. Peter worked at one of North America’s leading pack outfits, learning the lost art and technique of packing horses, driving a team and starting young horses. In his late teens Peter moved to the Government Ranch where he, along with two other cowboys cared for over 200 horses. Peter was responsible for starting these young horses and ensuring that they were prepared for service in the backcountry within 12 months. Peter began learning from each and every horse that he worked with which became his foundation in becoming a well-respected horseman. From the mountains and backcountry to working as a Cowboy at the Wine Glass Ranch, one of the most beautiful and well respected Ranches located in Cochrane Alberta, Peter’s skills as a horseman turned into real life’s purpose and passion through the true cowboy way of life.

The Day it All Changed

Peter’s skills and intuitive understanding of the horse ignited in early 1980 when Peter found himself at a clinic with horseman Ray Hunt. It was there that he connected his skills with looking at the horse differently – from the mind of the horse, when he met and made a life changing connection with Ray’s mentor Tom Dorrance. Peter, along with other well-respected horseman, will state claim that Tom is and will remain the true master in the understanding of and the art of working with the horses mind. Peter will reference Tom with great affection throughout his clinics sharing nuggets of wisdom, experiences and emotions when working with horses that translate to a new understanding. This new understanding provides the gateway to breakthroughs and new beginnings for his students as they strive to meet what the horse has to offer.