Why Register?

If you are committed to achieving an outstanding quality of communication with your horse, If you are unwilling to settle for less than you can be, If you are uncertain about your partnership with your horse, and want to shape it rather than just react, If you have resolved to massively improve your horse and human relationships, Peter Campbell is the answer. We've all entered a state where everything flows perfectly - riding a jumping course clear and fast, cutting the cow from the herd with ultimate ease and style. to live in that zone, call upon Peter Campbell. For over 15 years, Olympic riders, trail riders, show riders and 4-H clubs have called upon Peter Campbell to help them live in that zone and achieve those results consistently and with ultimate finesse. Peter Campbell is one of the Nation's foremost horseman. Mr. Campbell has advised and helped Olympic riders. Colleges and competing riders, here is your opportunity to personally learn from a master of the art of traditional horsemanship. You have absolutely nothing to lose - and imagine what you and your horse can gain! Join Peter for an unforgettable experience in training clinics. Learn to communicate with your equine partner through natural methods. Acquire knowledge on how to refine and maximize your horse's athletic potential. Join the Campbell Method and learn how to refine and excel in horsemanship. Click Here to register for one of our clinics.


The students gain a new understanding of their horse -- how they move, why they move, and when to direct. This class helps horse and human gain confidence, safety, and the ability to understand the horse. Remember horsemanship is easy -- get the horse to want to be with you whether you are on the ground or on his back!!! With 4 different classes offered by Peter, there is definitely a class to match you with your horse's ability. Foundation Horsemanship is a great class to learn all the fundamentals of understanding your horse from the ground and his back. Learn how to properly use the rope, flag, and other tools that can enhance your ability with your horse. After having ridden with Peter quite a bit, fit yourself into Horsemanship 1, 2 or 3 where each class becomes more advanced than the last. Horsemanship 3 includes flying, lead changes, working other horses, and can include, jumping, cutting, dressage or trail work!

Colt Starting

A lot of time is taken to properly halter break horses and colts. Handlers get their horses used to being touched, saddled and prepared to ride. When the proper preparation is taken, riding is no problem. This is a great class to truly unite with your steed and start understanding the importance of proper -- practical ground work. If you are new to horses, this is the perfect class to start from scratch and build a lasting foundation with your horse. Have a troubled or bothered horse? Put it through this class and restart your horse's thinking patterns to be a positive experience.

Cow Working & Ranch Roping

Students learn to understand how to get the best out of their horse while working cattle or setting up for a roping shot. Learn over 18 different head and heel shots and see how cattle and horses have so much in common in how you handle them. Ever heard that a cow is stupid? How many cowboys does it take to get a cow in a corral!! Whether you are new to cattle or ropes, Peter will help you improve your skills while staying safe! A seasoned buckaroo? Let Peter enhance and refine your knowledge to produce a bridle horse that’s a working partner for life! Clinics are registered with the Canadian Agriculture Skills Service (CASS) program in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. For more information call 1-888-887-7977.