• Horsemanship with Peter is so much more than just getting on a horse and riding around......when you truly get on ‘the journey’ it becomes part of who you are, it becomes a way of life.  We have been riding with Peter since 2000 and 2006.....travelling to clinics in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and they are all the same.....the horsemanship is the same, the camaraderie between the students is the same, the family atmosphere is the same.  In 2016 we are looking forward to our son joining us and starting to ride with Peter!  Peter is forever giving something of himself to his students:  To work with them individually when he needs to or to let them work at something on their own.  To help them fit another piece of the puzzle into place.  To help them help their horses and never wavering in what he learned from his friend Tom.  We can’t imagine where we would be, not only with our horses, but in life in general, without the horsemanship from Peter Campbell.
    - Sabrina Kirdie & Clayton Stadnyk, Birtle MB Canada
  • When I first heard the phrase "Willing Partners", I associated it only to my horse since I was already a student of natural horsemanship. But having attended Peter and Trina's clinics for the fourth straight year I know it means more. Peter is also a "Willing Partner"; he is your individual partner in a sense because he is willing to teach you and show you a better way. In doing so, he'll listen to you and your horse's problems. Because if you truly listen, you cannot help but become a better horseman. To me that sounds like a friend who will be my partner in future successes and make the bond/partnership between my horses and myself stronger. Peter has helped my two Morgans be better riding and driving horses through his theory and exercises. Shadow, my nine year old, is driven as a single in combined driving events at the advance level while Teton has gained new confidence under saddle as a feisty five year old. The four days of thoughtful and custom tailored instruction has improved both of my horses, but more importantly me. And you¹ll even like and remember Peter's stories told at opportune times to reinforce what we¹re trying to accomplish. Thus Peter through his "Willing Partners" clinics has shown me that we all must be willing to learn more and in so we become better partners with our horses and with one another. One of my goals in life is to become a better horseman. I know natural horsemanship is the right path and Peter will help get me there.
    - Scott L. Monroe
  • As a 3EC dressage trainer and coach I have found Peter's methods and techniques extremely useful. I am able to make the horse understand what it is I am asking as well as the student. His concept that we must first get 0 - 1 correct before working on 1 - 10 just reinforces the International training scale that we follow for dressage! Because of Peter's help I have been able to bring my young prospects on very quickly with little to no stress !! One of the horses that I have cliniced with Peter (Rhythmix) will hopeful qualify to the Pan American Games in 2007 in Brazil. He is only 7 but we are very successfully competing at the Prix St. George level and are scoring high and receiving great comments from the FEI judges. I strongly advise anyone that can to take his clinic as Peter is one of the greatest horseman I have ever had the good fortune to meet !!!
    - Crystal Kroetch Calgary, Alberta
  • Peter has way more skill and creativity when it comes to helping the PEOPLE help the horses. Which is the key, if any change is going to happen for the horses. I trust Peter without hesitation with my horse, and I also trust him with me, I feel safe with him. This is huge, it's the piece that's missing with many "trainers."
    - Judith Matoon ~ Watsonville, CA
  • I just wanted to pass along some pictures of Samantha and her pony. Hard to believe we bought him about 9 years ago….all he wanted to do was run (among other things, but I had already started my journey with Peter and new this pony had a lot of potential), now thanks to the many clinics I have attended with Peter he has turned out perfect. People who see Carly ride him, never believe the rocky start he had. I rode him for a few years herding cattle etc. with him first. Carly (just turned 12)(she seems to have a better bond with him then I ever did) has rode him for the past few years chasing cows (even on her own), riding in the coulees, crossing creeks, barrel racing, poles, 4-H etc. and not a mishap yet, they can do anything together, whenever. Sammy(6 years old) is just stating to ride him in the pen, but of course wants to go with us every time we chase cows, but is waiting patiently! He responds well to Sammy and just seems so relaxed with both girls. Just wanted to say thanks and I hope you continue with the clinics for many years to come!
    - Rhonda, Carly and Samantha Shaw - Fairview, Alberta
  • My name is MaryAnne Girard. I was riding the Friesian mare (Wilhelmina) owned by Vicki Francis at the clinic in Archie, MO. I already told Peter, but just had to write and again thank him for the most wonderful clinic! He had so much patience while I was trying to learn how to get things done and he never gave up on any of us. He kept it fun and relaxed while everyone advanced in their horsemanship. It was also a special treat to see him ride all the different horses. Watching him work through each different issue was an education in itself. The music helps in keeping relaxed as well as moving with the horse in rhythm. I look forward to working with him again in October in Fremont, NE and until then wish him safe travels. Thanks so much!
    - MaryAnne Girard
  • My horses are young, big, sometimes pushy and disrespectful! Peter has given me tools on the ground and on horseback that help to turn that attitude and energy into a more relaxed and willing partner. I’ve ridden for years but was in need of a better way to communicate with my two young jumpers. Peter has given me the insight to strive for more feel, timing and balance. My horses and I will be forever grateful!
    - Arlene Wingfield ~ Sacramento, CA


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